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Each of the classes below can be taught in your organizations, in a training program that you customize yourself, based on your desired outcomes for your team(s). The thought process behind having CAPE Lead come to your organization is six-fold.

  1. You’re creating a better leader!

  2. Because you’re all taking the classes together, you’re growing as a team.

  3. As a better teammate, you’re better equipped to understand the innerworkings of your teammates, and as such, you’re better equipped to problem solve and succeed at the lowest level.

  4. Because training can be adjusted to accommodate schedules, there are less man-hours lost during training.

  5. Because Chachi will come to you, your organization won’t miss out on a week’s worth of man-hours that you would if you sent someone to a non-local facility.

  6. Dollar-for-dollar, having Chachi come to you not only gets you amazing training, but it’s training at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay to send someone to an outside location (no airline travel, rental car, or hotel fees and no per diem).


CAPE Lead offers classes or speeches that cover the following topics:


  • Expectation Leadership: How leading expectations is an art that NO ONE thinks about!

  • Emotional Awareness: Understanding how emotions drive personalities and decisions

  • Inter and Intra Team Dynamics: How to operate as a cohesive unit, based on battlefield experience

  • Effective Communication: Examining modern communication, altering prevailing ideologies

  • Advanced Followership: How to achieve as a follower, and not just from a promotion standpoint

  • Effective Listening: How to attend meetings effectively, and how to “attend” to sounds we hear

  • Body Language: Don’t kill your message, or destroy your credibility with bad body language

  • Understanding Conflict: An updated definition of Conflict, and how you can work through it

  • Leading through Stress: Knowing when you’ve done a good job, and how that affects your wellness

  • Understanding Personalities: How you & your teammates understand themselves, and each other

  • Power and Influence: Understanding the difference in the two and dominating both!

  • Types of Feedback: Feedback, minus tact, is just a complaint. Don’t do that.

  • Understand and Communicating Risk: How well do you REALLY assess and accept risk

  • Leadership Terminology: A common vernacular is the key to expedited successes

  • Leading and Lagging Indicators of Morale: Understand what’s happening in your organization

  • Transparency: A way to build trust, and not hide behind archaic concepts

  • Micro and Macro Caring: How well do you really care, and how much do your teams know it

  • Accountability: Teaching how to own successes and failures as a way of building solid teams

  • Revolutionary Simplicity: A long-overlooked aspect of the old KISS principle

  • Mission Focused Goal Setting: Making sure that “what gets measured, gets done”

  • Career Understanding and Management: Don’t just take a job, take a step toward a career

  • Contemporary Decision Making: Blending military and civilian steps toward successes

  • Prevailing Theories of Motivation: Know what does and doesn’t motivate you and your team(s)

  • Organizational Design and Theory: Building a foundation for growth and mission success

  • The Pachasa 8: A repeatable approach to personal, professional, and organizational growth

  • Work/Life Integration: A new spin in a current topic about how you understand YOUR clock


Start building your own customized training program!
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